LPG endermologie Alliance

The newest vacuum massage body firming treatment, which reduces cellulite and skin laxity, decreases swelling and fat tissue and provides a strong drainage effect.

New dimension of LPG endermologie® – FIGHT FOR NATURAL BEAUTY

A 100% natural, non-invasive and effective method of mechanical skin stimulation, which naturally reactivates the metabolism of the cells. It increases fat release and affects skin laxity, whilst respecting the biological balance of the body as a whole.

After 30 years of research the French company LPG created the innovative patent endermologie® Alliance to promote natural regeneration and stimulation of tissue. The revolutionary technology allowed them to combine three aspects: fat release, smoothing cellulite and firming the skin; these all contribute to the best treatment results. At the same time the duration of treatment and the number of sessions required were reduced.

Endermologia LPG Alliance cellulit IP Cliniq Instytut Piękna

Innovative treatment head – new patent

The automatic rollers, already well-known for their effectiveness, are enhanced with a motorised flap, which enables multidimensional tissue stimulation. The new patented treatment head combines the motorised flap and roller; as a result, the three different movements with the treatment head, which were required until recently, are replaced by simple direct contact of the treatment head with the skin. This affects the sensations felt during treatment. The new patented treatment head guarantees increased comfort, while simultaneously working on three different aspects: slimming, firming the skin and removing the fatty tissue accumulated as resistant cellulite.

Nothing will ever be the same again. Now the exceptionally comfortable endermologie® Alliance treatment is even more effective and faster.

Skin identity sensor

The new Alliance patent has a unique Alliance Skin Identity Sensor, which allows us to precisely adapt procedures to the quality of the tissues, its delicateness, fibre content, laxity etc. This guarantees a high level of safety and enables adjustment to various therapeutic problems.

Confirmed by research:


Special attachment for the face

ERGOLIFT dynamically stimulates the skin cells in the face and neck, increasing production of the natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Confirmed by research:

  • Wrinkles smoothed 87%
  • Radiant complexion X 2
  • Firmer skin 70%

Recommended to:

  • Slim and tone the body
  • Improve skin firmness in various areas
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Rejuvenate
  • Provide therapeutic effect – in cases of swelling, stagnant circulation, scarring, sore muscles and joints

Endermologia LPG Alliance w IP CLINIQ

What we offer

Price list – treatments for the body

Alliance Treatment

  • Single treatment 260 zloty*
  • Course of 6 treatments 1,380 zloty*
  • Course of 12 treatments 2,520 zloty**

Focus Treatments

  • Single treatment (one selected area) 150 zloty*
  • Single treatment (two selected areas) 250 zloty*
  • Course of 5 treatments (one area) 550 zloty*
  • Course of 5 treatments (two areas) 1000 zloty*

Special Treatments

  • Single drainage treatment (lymph, swellings) 150 zloty*
  • Course of 5 drainage treatments (lymph, swellings) 1,100 zloty*
  • Course of 10 drainage treatments (lymph, swellings) 2,400 zloty**
  • Single relaxation treatment 250 zloty*
  • Course of 5 relaxation treatments 1,000 zloty*
  • Course of 10 relaxation treatments 2,200 zloty*
  • Single treatment ‘light legs’ for pregnant women 150 zloty*

* Plus a one-off charge for the Endermowear suit (multiple-use).
** Endermowear suit INCLUDED.

Price list – treatments for the face

(contouring / regeneration / lines)

  • Single treatment face 150 zloty
  • Course of 3 treatments face 390 zloty
  • Course of 5 treatments face 600 zloty

Special Occasion Treatment

(smoothing / brightening / rejuvenating)

  • Face + eye area 160 zloty
  • Face + neck 220 zloty
  • Face + neck + décolletage + bust 260 zloty