Lamprobe is a unique, breakthrough device, which uses radio wave technology. As a result, the treatment is non-invasive and safe, while the treatment sessions are short and do not require anaesthesia.

It is effective in the following cases:

  • closing blood vessels,
  • removing fibromas, milia and sebaceous cysts,
  • drying purulent acne pimples,
  • unblocking pores.

Advantages of using Lamprobe:

  • effectiveness, quick results,
  • precision,
  • short duration of treatment (2-5 seconds),
  • safe and non-invasive – no needles,
  • minimal discomfort.

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • skin diseases (viral, bacterial, fungal) in the treated area,
  • haemophilia (low levels of clotting factors),
  • open wounds in the treated area,
  • pregnancy,
  • epilepsy, when not under medical control,
  • taking blood-clotting or blood-thinning medication,
  • sunbathing or using a sunbed within 3 days before and up to approx. 2 weeks after the treatment,
  • drinking alcohol before and up to 24 hrs after the treatment.


  • Lamprobe up to 5 imperfections 70 zloty
  • Lamprobe up to 10 imperfections 120 zloty
  • Lamprobe over 10 imperfections 170 zloty